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A little bit about Us:

Avena Rare Coin (ARC) is one of the largest Numismatic Firms in the nation. Their expertise has enabled ARC to purchase millions of dollars of coins each month. As the U.S. rare coin industry evolved and matured, so did Avena Rare Coin. They are an established market maker and the staff of the firm is daily at the forefront of the coin industry.

The staff of ARC has a combined experience of over seventy-five years. ARC representatives attend more than fifty major coin shows and auctions each year. Their constant presence allows the company to keep abreast of the Numismatic Industry.

ARC is a member of Dealer-Linking Teletrade Systems that keeps the company informed of market development and provides their customers with the highest quality coins at the best possible prices. Staff members' professional memberships include the A.N.A., P.N.G. and numerous other regional numismatic societies.

Avena Rare Coin always pays top dollar for U.S. gold, type, silver dollars, commemorative, currency, and other raw coins. Their extensive expertise in all numismatic material enables them to pay you the highest price possible for your coins.

Avena Rare Coin will travel to appraise your estate or collection in the privacy of your home, office or other location. You can also ship your coins to us for instant funds. We, at ARC, Inc., look forward to purchasing your rare coin collection.